What’s new in Mnova 12.0.2


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 Mnova 12.0.2 (minor release)


Big thanks to our users for their inspiration for new features and their keen eye for spotting pesky bugs.

Here is what our team has been working on since our last release. Remember to download the new Mnova 12.0.2 to get all the new features!


  • Layout templates - Apply single page template to all pages
  • A command line option to control which plugins are loaded is available


  • You can access more properties within ‘Peaks’ options via scripting
  • Added journal format to assign atom numbers when reporting as J. Nat. Prod.


  • Improved naming of ring assemblies of two identical cyclic systems like the ones shown below:

Advanced plugins


  • qNMR reference auto adjustment using the highest reference peak
  • New settings available for the ‘Purity Advised Analysis’ integration method
  • Purity Auto Assignment removes influence of reference signal

Batch qNMR

  • Parameters retrieved from samples shortened to four decimal places

Batch Verify

  • The robustness of the function to read data in Verify Viewer has been increased

Mgears   NEW!

This new plugin has been designed as a container for batch tools. Most of our automation tools share a common workflow and Mgears eases the scripting and UI maintenance as an Enterprise Automation Solution.

Further information will be provided soon. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about this product.


Main fixed bugs


  • Ribbon interface also available for Linux OpenSuse 42.2
  • Ability to add an icon on the tool bar to bring up the 'Parameters table'


  • Explicit diastereotopic hydrogens are properly detected as asymmetrical when assigning
  • Auto assignment tool runs more efficiently
  • Exiting Mnova and having 'Multipoint Baseline Correction' dialogue open does not give error
  • ROESY and NOESY correlations are displayed with ROESY and NOESY arrows, respectively
  • Assigned chemical shifts are now copied when pasting NMR assignments
  • Able to import Bruker files with incorrect/incomplete LP parameters
  • 'Show Annotations/Show Assignments' tool works under the "Peak/Properties" menu
  • Apodization window function converges in Full View


  • Undo tool works when changing the active plot


  • Atom groups increase/decrease the visual font size accordingly

Structure Elucidation

  • "Peak Picking Hint Lines" are shown in the spectral window


  • Affinimeter Advanced plugin is included in linux package

Scripting Engine

  • Able to remove a molecule with a prediction using the Scripting Engine function clone


  • Structure Elucidation floating licenses are now working fine

Advanced plugins (main fixed bugs)


  • qNMR Purity can read molecular weight from JEOL files

Reaction Monitoring v.1.2.2

  • Reaction Monitoring in all ribbon styles
  • Amended tooltip at Spectral Data Filtering in RM Wizard

Screen v.1.2.2

  • All reference spectra display properly on the stack view

Batch Verify v.2.0.5

  • Improvements when using Verify Viewer
  • Able to manually interact with results with no errors
  • Reporting tool on Verify Viewer works smoothly
  • No missing structures when processing


Download Mnova 12.0.2


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