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We are excited to introduce Mnova 15.0.1, a minor release that brings not only bug fixes but also introduces new features and products. This update includes the development and implementation of innovative tools such as ElPulpo, a new NMR resolution enhancement algorithm, and Play FID, which enables users to audibly experience NMR data. Additionally, we have updated Mnova StereoFitter to version 1.1.6 and we have launched Mnova Hub, a unified data browser designed for managing all your analytical data from various providers.

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  • Audit trail
    • Addition of a previous range under Edit Integral/Multiplet field.
      Mnova now includes previous values of all modified elements in the Audit Trail tooltips. This feature applies to all types of changes, including integral or multiplet modifications. 
    • The regression line equation and correlation coefficient are now displayed in the Y/Y* graph. 
    • Capability to report Quantile plot from PCA.
      The Report tool now supports pasting of Quantile Plots into Mnova documents. 
    • New option to display Class parameter as part of the Spectrum Title. 
      In the spectrum Properties window dialog, under Title>Format, a new “Class” option is available for including the class parameter in the spectrum title. 
    • Stacked by Classes feature allows to define classes by an input CSV file.
      Users now have the capability to create classes for stacked items by combining the values from columns imported from a CSV file.  
    • Access to 3rrr parameters is now available.
      Parameters such as nucleus, pulse program, name, exp and procno can be accessed from scripting (ParametersSetup.qs) when selecting a 3rr file. 
    • Improvements in the synchronization of layout templates with the Compounds table for report generation. 
    Mnova Hub
    • Mnova 15.0.1 introduces a new data browser to manage analytical data from various data providers. Read more about Mnova Hub
    • Added functionality to generate or import SMILES of molecules. 
    • New functionality to process molfiles v3000. 
    • The Non-Standard amino acids can now be switched to the “D” isomers in the Biosequence Tools dialogue. 


    • Mnova now includes ElPulpo, a novel algorithm developed to improve the resolution of 1D NMR spectra. It specifically targets overlapping peaks and is well-suited for quantitative NMR (qNMR) standards, offering straightforward simplicity. The essence of ElPulpo's functionality lies in its use of Linewidth Reference as the primary parameter, providing both manual and automatic modes. In addition, El Pulpo features adjustable Resolution Mode levels, meticulously engineered to balance the enhancement of resolution with the reduction of noise effects in the algorithm's performance.
    • Within this release, Mnova introduces Play FID, an innovative tool designed to transform NMR data into auditory experiences. Experience it yourself and see how Play FID facilitates the identification of specific functional groups by enabling auditory analysis of the spectrum's multiplets. To learn more about how Play FID can enrich your interpretative capabilities in NMR data analysis, see this article (https://www.mdpi.com/1420-3049/29/4/762
    • Addition of an Automatic Lorentzian-Gaussian Apodization Function in the Apodization dialog window. 
    • In the 3D NMR Viewer Properties dialog window, a new 3D option for third dimension unit settings has been added. 
    • A new scripting function to apply SNIP and IarPLS baseline correction has been added.  
    • Pseudo 3D files now open as superimposed by default. 
    • Improvements in the TopSpin peak list 3D imported peaks functionality. 
    • A new Script Tool, called Export Peaks, has been added to the Tool tab.
      This tool enables the export of peaks generated by Mnova in the TopSpin format (Bruker XML format).  
    • Enhanced functionality of the Full View window in conjunction with the Apodization widget. 
    NMR Predictor
    • Removal of the Number of GMMX Cycles option from the Modgraph NMR Predict desktop option dialog window. 
    Scripting Engine
    • Peak intensity can now be changed via scripting

    The latest version 1.1.6 was validated against Mnova 15.0.1, and these are the main highlights, visit StereoFitter product page.

    • In the graphical interface, the new normalized “x^2” parameter is now displayed in the results, both in the table and in the bar chart.
    • Updated SpinBatch to version for both Windows and Mac platforms. 


Please contact support@mestrelab.com if you previously reported any bugs that are still unresolved in this version.

Download Mnova 15.0.1 



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