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Mbook 3.1.1 - Release

We've released Mbook 3.1.1, which brings a set of improvements. We have fine-tuned the user experience by addressing typical issues and adding a few enhancements. So, get ready to enjoy a smoother and more refined software experience with this latest update.

  • IUPAC Name license
    • We have replaced the license for Chemaxon Structure to Name with the Mnova IUPAC Name license. Learn more about Mnova IUPAC Name.
    Stoichiometric table
    • Now, you have the ability to input weight and mole values for solvents in the stoichiometric table. The concentration is automatically calculated, considering the limiting reagent to determine the reaction volume.
    Mnova console version
    • The associated Mnova Console version for Mbook has been upgraded to version 14.3.3

A few minor bugs in the COSHH feature, experiment import, and other areas have been fixed for Mbook 3.1.1

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