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Play FID is a new tool included within the latest version of Mnova 15.0.1. The purpose of Play FID is to provide an auditory representation of NMR data, enhancing the interpretation and understanding of NMR spectra. This feature is especially useful in educational settings and for aiding the identification of specific functional groups in a spectrum. It introduces a unique approach by adding an auditory dimension to the typically visual analysis of NMR data.
Discover the innovative intersection of sound and science in our recently published article on auditory NMR spectroscopy, "Molecular Melodies: Unraveling the Hidden Harmonies of NMR Spectroscopy"


Iria Pérez - "...As an engineer, I always aspired to make significant contributions to science. Little did I know that my work would one day enable us to hear molecules. I believe in the immersive potential of Play FID for scientifical research, education and art, since even I enriched my knowledge about NMR through my involvement with Play FID. I'm grateful to have worked with a highly talented team, who even created some unique compositions I had the pleasure enjoy. I look forward to seeing how this feature will be explored in many fields..."


Gavin Shear - "...When I worked for another NMR software provider, by far the most requested feature I got from students, was the one from MestReC that played the FID as a sound. To see it come back to Mnova is glorious, I'm over the moon to be able to hear what my acquisitions sound like again – and even better than before – I can save the sounds and use them in compositions!..."


Carlos Cobas - "...More than 20 years ago, I introduced the capability to play NMR FIDs in MestReC. Ever since, I've been eager to extend this feature to Mnova, along with implementing long-considered enhancements. Now, I'm delighted to finally have the opportunity to bring this to fruition with the support of an exceptional team..."



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