Mestrelab Research response to ACDLabs press release about lawsuit for copyright infringement


Mestrelab Research SL, a leading provider of chemistry software solutions commented today on the announcement by ACDLabs that it has filed a lawsuit against it for copyright infringement.

Santi Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab, declared:

We are extremely disappointed by this action taken by ACDLabs. Mestrelab has spent the last 13 years developing novel, innovative software in all our areas of activity. We have strived to provide the scientific community with software tools which keep pushing the state of the art and developing the capabilities of software applications. These efforts by our highly committed team have always been conducted independently and with high technical and ethical standards and our Mnova software does not contain a single line of code from any third party software, except when permission has been expressly given and licensing arrangements arrived at.

In the particular case of this lawsuit, Mnova IUPAC Name does not contain or in any way incorporate a single line of ACDLabs source code. Mestrelab does not have access to ACDLabs source code, and has at all times maintained the highest technical and ethical standards in its software development. This fact has repeatedly been stated to ACDLabs legal representatives in response to their legal communications, to no avail or acknowledgement.

This court action will only succeed in distracting both companies from their aim of developing high quality software to better serve the needs of the community. We are extremely confident that court proceedings will show copyright infringement claims to be unfounded. This action by ACDLabs, and the publicity they are seeking to give it even before a court has considered their claims, damages the reputation that we have spent the last 13 years building and we hope our customers and all members of our community will wait for the results of court proceedings before passing judgment.

We take our personal and business reputations very seriously, and intend to vigorously defend our position with the truth.’

About Mestrelab Research S.L.

We develop software applications for R&D in chemistry, particularly focused on analytical chemistry and data management and publication. Our software Mnova is widely used by the scientific community, with over 100,000 users globally, who benefit daily from its unique analysis and automation capabilities.


About Mnova IUPAC Name

Mnova IUPAC Name is a new plugin of Mnova which implements innovative approaches to the naming of molecular structures following IUPAC conventions. Information about the innovative nature of our approach can be found in this document



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