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Santiago de Compostela, Nov. 9, 2021

ZONTAL and Mestrelab announce integration of platforms for advanced analytical data management and analysis.

ZONTAL, the provider of the leading analytical data hub, and Mestrelab, a leading scientific software and development company, have joined forces. Together, they have developed an innovative analytical data management and analysis solution that eliminates many of the barriers found in other systems. Developed for scientists in the life science industry, the ZONTAL and Mestrelab integration provides scientists with the tools they need for efficient and effective utilization of analytical data.

Other data management systems slow scientists down through missing or clumsy interfaces and redundant manual operations. Limited ability to run efficient data analysis often results in underutilized data assets. ZONTAL and Mestrelab now provide the solution to these shortcomings with a powerful advanced analytical data management and analysis system that integrates the two companies’ core capabilities:  digital collaboration, data standardization, compliancy, data integrity, and automated analytical workflows. Through the integration of ZONTAL’s analytical data hub with Mestrelab’s analytical software, scientists using Mestrelab’s Mnova can now directly query, process, and save data to and from the ZONTAL cloud.



Wolfgang Colsman, CEO of ZONTAL, said: “Integrating with Mestrelab is a natural extension to the value that ZONTAL Space brings to our analytical chemistry customers. The joint solution allows scientists using Mestrelab’s Mnova to directly query, process, and save data to and from the ZONTAL cloud. In addition, data pipelines can be automated to allow scientists to run spectral analysis in less time than it takes to walk from their instrument to their desk. The vendor-neutral data format for NMR, LC/GC-MS, UV, IR, and other optical spectroscopy techniques eliminates the barriers to incorporating these key data assets into AI/ML workflows executed on the ZONTAL platform. Our customers are excited to unlock the value provided by this partnership.


Santiago Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab, said: “Partnership is in the essence of Mestrelab, and it was natural for us to consider associating our solutions with an expert in digital lab transformation, archiving, and data standardization to give to our common end-users the best of the two worlds. Every customer who has been introduced to the ZONTAL-Mestrelab global ecosystem has been excited. We at Mestrelab are focusing our efforts on providing every day more capabilities in single-point processing applications as well as automated workflows involving complex analytical data. We are convinced that providing our users with easy access to data stored into their informatics platform of choice in a very intuitive way is the most efficient approach to help them get more value than ever out of their analytical data. At a time where AI and machine learning capabilities are key aspects of the use of the data, our integrated offering will allow our common customers to additionally leverage the data in the AI/ML space.”


The ZONTAL and Mestrelab integration is the next step in advanced data management, combining innovative data storage and analysis solutions to help scientists realize the full potential and utilization of their available data assets.



ZONTAL offers the leading analytical data hub for the life science industry. We make digital transformation a reality as we deliver game-changing solutions to some of the most complex enterprises. We reduce IT overheads, enable AI/ML applications, optimize time-to-market, and increase compliance. Our customers celebrate our industry experience and ability to deliver highly intuitive solutions that empower scientists in their daily work. ZONTAL has offices in the US, Europe, and Asia. Together with our integration and service partners, ZONTAL supports our customers globally, in any country and any time zone.

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Mestrelab Research SL (Mestrelab) is an informatics company that develops and commercializes scientific software solutions for analytical chemistry and Laboratory Informatics in support of research, development, and manufacturing. Mestrelab’s solutions are used globally in the biopharmaceutical, chemicals, agrochemicals, food and beverages, and other industries, academic institutions, and government organizations. The offer also includes integration with existing informatics systems and analytical laboratory automated workflows at an enterprise level. Mestrelab has initially developed highly innovative solutions for analytical chemistry and, more particularly, for NMR and LC/GC-MS, and has been, for almost a decade, the most widely used NMR processing solution.

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