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Mnova 14.3.2 has been released as a minor update, incorporating a range of fresh features and the usual slew of bug fixes. In addition to adding some features in Mnova and its plugins, we have also updated Gears MANIQ 1.1, Mnova Automatic NMR Identification and Quantification and qNMR 3.2.0.

We are delighted to announce that Mnova now supports NOAH-NUS NMR spectra and open Shimadzu datasets without MS data. We would like to highlight these features, but you will find many other new additions in the changelog below:


  • Audit Trail
    • Peak by peak/Manual Threshold actions now display expected unit values when modifying scale unit values
    ElViS - Electronic & Vibrational Spectroscopies
    • The acquisition date is now displayed correctly in the parameter table when importing SPC and SPA files
    • Removed the NET Framework 2.0 dependency from the Mnova installer (Installing Agilent Masshunter libraries)
    IUPAC Naming
    • Improved the naming of borane structures, particularly with halogen substituents
    • Cationic amino acids can now be named
    • Improved the naming of adducts
    • Added the capability to Show/Hide the IUPAC atom number directly from the GUI, allowing switching between IUPAC and regular numbering
    • The option "Display IUPAC Atom Number" is now unchecked by default

    We have released an update for our Gears plugin MANIQ, now version v 1.1 with the following new features:

    • Enhanced the capability to load compound names from molecular structures and spectra titles
    • Added a new option to select the units in the relative concentration panel
    • Added new parameters to the reports for increased flexibility
    • Implemented access to the user manual from the MANIQ Setting dialogue
    • Other improvements:
      • Header and footer added to all report pages
      • Log messages
      • Report spectrum default layout
      • Multiplet alignment algorithm for the cosine similarity method
    Mnova General Suite
    • Several installers have been added to this release version:
      • Mnova Gears 2.4.1
      • Batch Verify 3.1
      • BioHOS 3.1.0
      • Reaction Monitoring 2.2
    • Enhanced usability of the molecule lookup table. From now on, the molecule data for each row is updated independently of the peripheral/device used to change the selection in the molecule table.
    • Improved the Multiplet Manager dialog display by adding a spacer to the bottom. This spacer pushes up all the controls to the top.
    • An updated EULA has been added to this version of Mnova
    • Implemented a new script called ‘Renumber Atoms’ for .mol files in Mnova, as located in the ‘Molecule’ tab on the main ribbon
    Mnova General
    • A new event has been added to the Scripting documentation to detect when a document is closed
    • The new multiplet label now has a name/shift option
    • Mnova displays an error message when installation encounters any issues
    • Implemented a new filter/search box in the license manager
    • Mnova now displays an error code if called in the command line and something fails
    • Removed the script "Automatic Quantification of Mixtures" from the NMR tools menu
    • Improved the visibility of the Molecule Window with a white background in all Mnova visualization styles (colorful, clear, and dark)
    • Improved the text box positioning of one-atom molecules with aliases when importing CDX format to avoid overlapping visualization
    • Enhanced the readability of non-Latin symbols when importing CDX format
    • Implemented a new tool called “Unmerge Molecules” to unmerge already merged molecules
    • Mnova now has the ability to read imported multiline text items from CDX and CDXML formats
    • Implemented the use of single and double bonds instead of aromatic ones when generating a molecule from SMILES
    • Improved the display of ChemDraw files when imported into Mnova
    • Capability to show the number of atoms while drawing a chain
    MSChrom (Formerly MS)
    • Mnova can now open Shimadzu datasets that do not contain MS data (either UV only, traces only, or both)
    • Mnova now has the capability to handle NOAH-NUS NMR spectra
    • Improved the "Align Multiplets" option of the Cosine Similarity function of NMRForensics
    • Implemented the Sensitive Nonlinear Iterative Peak (SNIP) baseline correction method
    • Increased the range for the normalization values

    We have released an update for our qNMR plugin, now version 3.2.0, along with its automation plugins, Gears Purity and Gears Concentration:

    • Added parameters to name the references
      • Gears Purity:
        • Additional methods for extracting molecular weight
          • From the molecule in the document, if it exists
          • From the SMILES text in the parameters table, if it exists
          • From "MW" or "Molecular Weight" fields in the parameters, if they exist
      • Gears Concentration:
        • Increased reporting choices available
        • Added units to the average concentration and CCF values in the report
        • Reconfigured the settings layout dialogue to enhance visualization
    Scripting Engine
    • Added the 'nmrMultipletClicked' event to the mnova-scripting.xml and mnova-scripting.html documentation
    • Implemented more properties to the NMR spectra title, such as Position, Alignment, Offset (Horizontal and Vertical). These were added to the Scripting Engine and documentation.

    Added on Jun 2023 with the release of StereoFitter v 1.1.5 (validated against Mnova 14.3.2)

    • Introduced a new restriction named “chemicalshift_group_data” to streamline the management of prochiral groups while utilizing chemical shifts
    • Updated SpinBatch to version for both Windows and Mac platforms

Please contact support@mestrelab.com if you previously reported any bugs that are still unresolved in this version.

Download Mnova 14.3.2 



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