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Mnova 14.1.2 (minor release)

Mnova 14.1.2 has been released with the usual bunch of useful bug fixes listed below:

  • Mnova
    • A new EULA (end-user license agreements) has been prepared for Mnova
    • False positive found by AVG antivirus during installation has been fixed
    • No database remains opened after cancellation when using the command Open Database
    • Problems displaying MS data from Agilent in Mnova (32-bits) have been resolved
    • MS peaks display correctly in Mnova when importing a dataset or dragging an embedded window
    • The ‘Alt+Arrow keys’ for MacOS now work correctly to move zoom areas in the spectra
    • The number of decimal places for Coupling constants has been increased from 2 to 5 when using the Spin Simulation tool
    • The SQA analysis tool has been sped up by amending the Peak Picking options available
    • Symmetrical atoms are now assigned correctly to suggested 2D multiplets
    • The Snap mode in Peak by Peak picks the maximum for all peaks
    • CH2 with explicit hydrogens are now correctly predicted
    • Expected results when applying different baseline corrections to JEOL data
    • Fixed a connection problem when running DFT Prediction calculations
    • 2D Multiplet names can also be edited in the Multiplet Manager
    • Representation of the integration curve in the multiplets of a stack is now set correctly


Download Mnova 14.1.2


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