What’s new in Mnova 12.0.4


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Mnova 12.0.4 (minor release)


Here is what our team has been working on since our last release last June. Remember to download Mnova 12.0.4 to get all the new features and improvements!


We have improved the way to name some ring systems such as:

  • Monospiro ring systems with two identical polycyclic ring components
  • Spiro ring systems with several identical polycyclic ring components
  • Unbranched polyspiro ring systems with different polycyclic ring components


  • We have improved the way the ribbon interface is set up as well as the 'saving' and 'restoring' settings from Mnova via scripting.


  • Ability to import array data values from a .txt file when using Directory Spectra Stack script


Main fixed bugs


  • Fixed WYSYGYG paradign when working without GUI
  • Able to undo using Ctrl+Z


  • FT spectrum compression is now lower when saving (Mac version)
  • Paste Peaks & Snap snaps to the nearest peak
  • Spectrum not shifted after re-processing
  • ROESY spectrum processed correctly when importing ZF and LP parameters
  • Autoassignment tool free of errors when using unicode characters in paths
  • Integration: deleting one integral manually does not delete other overlapping one(s)
  • Water label displays correctly H2O in DMSO instead of HDO
  • The Assignments report (script) can include several diastereotopic protons
  • Opening some 2rr directly (drag&drop) now displays the expected spectrum


  • All molecules open properly in the Molecule Window
  • After rotating and joining several structures, molecules no longer duplicate
  • Loading an .smi file which contains several structures gives no errors
  • Fixed detection problem in Molecule plugin when loading a Thermo Scientific Xcalibur dataset
  • The stereo-configuration of a molecule does change when using "Rotate 3D" tool after making a 3D conversion


  • No longer crahes Mnova when clicking 'Rename' to change a customized group name
  • Fixed an issue when moving Groups (With Subgroups) from one tab to another


  •  Jeol Fast Flight provider included in Mac


  • Improved manual assignments


  • Mnova does not crash when doing text search in several databases


  • Takes into account exceptional numbering of some aromatic systems
  • Can generate IUPAC name when molecule has labels without expanding
  • Fixed memory leaks in IUPAC Name

Main fixed bugs in advanced plugins

qNMR 2.1.1

  • Concentration and Purity icons are now transparent

Batch qNMR

  • Report mass of test compound with fewer significant figures

Reaction Monitoring

  • Stack view is now updated when using RM Listener


Download Mnova 12.0.4


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