What’s new in Mnova 12.0.1


Download Mnova 12.0.1 here

Mnova 12.0.1 (minor release)



  • Displayed file names do not show the file path anymore.
  • Added option to close ‘all Mnova documents’.
  • Metadata is now shown for JCAMP-DX files.


  • Updated NMR processing phase correction options via scripting.
  • Improved protein HSQC auto processing.
  • Able to apply "Auto Assignment" in documents which contain a HMBC spectrum.
  • Specified Peak picking method on Peaks table.
  • Able to Add/delete 2D correlations directly in the Assignments table.


  • Added measured mass to the Elemental Composition report.

Molecular Editor

  • Normalization of explicit Hs is applied again after ‘Concatenate Numbering’.

Main fixed bugs:


  • Spectra loading properly when dragging&dropping via the Data Browser.
  • Advion provider is now installed in Mnova 12.
  • Selecting the Modern interface does not generate a crash.
  • Able to load preference .ini file (Ribbon).


  • NUS is taken into account when applying linear prediction on Bruker files.
  • Spectral referencing and normalization are applied correctly from Mnova Screen.
  • Correct automatic apodization when opening HMQCs and HMBCs from Bruker files.
  • Able to show all spectra again after applying visually decimated in a stack.
  • Spectrum does not shift after applying reference again.
  • Loading Spinsolve spectra with no crashes.
  • Structure does not disappear after adding a correlation from the assignment table.
  • Baseline correction and apodisation are applied with no additional Peak Picking.
  • 2rr files are opened directly.


  • Running Mnova on Sierra (Mac) without crashing.
  • Parameters are shown correctly for Shimadzu LC/MS data.
  • msSpectrumImported event calls a designated script correctly.

Molecular Editor

  • Combined structures do not get corrupted in the compound tab.
  • Structure copying fine into ChemDraw.
  • Improved Lock Numbering tool.
  • Atom number not removed when clicking Increment/Decrement Charge button.

NMR Prediction

  • 13C prediction using NMRPredict Desktop works well in Mac OS.
  • Able to remove explicit Hs and moving a prediction label via drag&drop.


  • NMR Search Scoring does not change from Reverse to Purity.

Download Mnova 12.0.1 here


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