What’s new in Mnova 11.0.4


Mnova 11.0.4 (minor release)


  • Improved NUS processing algorithm: some 2D experiments that showed unexpected noise artifacts are now processed properly by the improved NUS processing algorithm.
  • HSQC stripped transformed in Topspin now load spectra which are correctly.
  • Reference Deconvolution results improved as per Delta software from JEOL.
  • JCAMP files are now generated from Mnova with the adequate dynamic range.
  • All shortcuts (Mac version) are now fully functional.


  • Agilent LCMS files with negative ion traces are now detected appropriately.
  • Integration of chromatographic peaks using Total Absorbance Chromatogram works also when baseline drops below zero.
  • Able to load MS files from Bruker Compass (.baf) and Agilent MassHunter (.bin).

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