What’s new in Mbook 3.0.3



Mbook 3.0.3 (minor release)


Mbook 3.0.3 has been released, bringing a small set of improvements and bug fixes so you can better enjoy your ELN experience.

  • Analytical Chemistry
    • The GC-Column components can now be selected for use with GC and GC-MS instruments, and the LC-Column components with LC and LC-MS instruments.
    • It is now possible to assign the responsibility for instruments and components to a user. This can be done while creating or editing an instrument or component, or by pressing the Assign button that has been added to the Instruments panel for this purpose.
    • When assigning a previously added instrument, the user can also decide to also assign all the components added to that instrument to the same person.
    • The assigned user’s name appears in the instrument’s detail panel and the Instruments and Components
    • An update to project security has been implemented to comply with internal policy.

Are you keen on finding a particular bug fix that perhaps you reported to us? This is the list with most of the bug fixes included in this version:

  • Synthetic Chemistry
    • The search functionality has been improved to take into account the wildcards "_" and "%" and give better search results.
    • Former members of a project can now view their own experiments in that project without issue.
    • Members of a closed project can now access their own experiments in that project without issue.
    • The message icon has been removed from the Clients section in the Administrator’s interface. Admin users cannot send and receive messages via Mbook.
    • The bug that was causing all subprojects to appear in the Project tree when using the Filter has been fixed. Now, only subprojects that are selected in the Filter appear in the Project tree.
    • The subject line of the message sent to a manager to approve a COSHH document has been corrected.
    • When a user belonging to two different groups creates a bottle of compound, this bottle is visible to both groups. However, users in those groups can only see bottle consumption details related to their own group and not those of the other.
    • The remaining compound quantity in a bottle that is set as “Finished” is now correctly displayed.
    • When a bottle is set as "Finished", it is not possible to use it in experiments anymore, even when there is some compound remaining in the bottle.
    • Fixed some problems found in the management of bottles generated from products used in experiments. Remaining quantities now remain correct after editing the status of the associated bottles.
    • When a bottle is set as "Decomposed" or “Finished” by an inventory manager, its status remains unchanged even if a user edits/removes the quantities indicated in the stock consumption history or experiment details.
    • When a bottle is automatically set as "Finished" by the system, if user edits/removes the quantities indicated in the stock consumption history or experiment details, its status is automatically changed to “Available”.
    Analytical Chemistry
    • The filters in the Clients and Instruments sections are now working correctly.
    • It is now possible to assign previously added components to an instrument without receiving an error.




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