What’s new in Mbook 3.0.2



Mbook 3.0.2 (minor release)


Mbook 3.0.2 has been released to bring a small set of improvements and bug fixes so you can better enjoy your ELN experience.

  • Synthetic Chemistry
    • The “Monitoring” section has been improved to allow for the upload and processing of raw spectra and Mnova documents, spectra to be previewed, and the download of raw or processed files.
    • In the “Search” section, the experiment filtering option has been set to “open” by default, whereas in the “Project” and “Reaction” pages, it is set to “all”. When users change the filtering options (for project, users, and experiment) these new options are now maintained across sessions.
    • The warning message obtained when a file that cannot be processed by Mbook is uploaded to an experiment has been improved.
    • Dependencies in Mbook with other log4j libraries have been eliminated.
    • A warning message is displayed to users when they are about to run out of day credits (in instances that are licensed under a day credit model).
    Analytical Chemistry
    • Added warning messages when creating a Chemistry group with permission to use Mbook Analytical, and when adding a Chemistry group to an Analytical project, to improve the user experience.
    Compatibility with Mbook Photo 1.0
    • Mbook 3.0.2 is compatible with the upcoming Mbook Photo.
    • Users can handle images (upload, delete, or move) in their own “open” experiments.
    • Only “open” projects and reactions that have at least one experiment in which the user can add a picture are displayed in Mbook Photo’s project tree.

Are you keen on finding a particular bug fix that perhaps you reported to us? This is the list with most of the bug fixes included in this version:

  • Users and permissions
    • When opening the dialog to assign an experiment to a user or set a user as a witness, only active users of the project are displayed. Guest, inactive, and former users are not included in the list.
    • When two groups are involved in a same project, the corresponding Group Managers cannot edit users who do not belong to their own group.
    • After initiating the process to inactivate a Group Manager, if the Administrator cancels the process, the Group Manager remains active in Salesforce, as expected.
    • Users set as "inactive" are now displayed in the filter tree of the “Desk” section, together with the active users.
    • The “Desk” tree is now correctly updated after changing users in the filter dialog.
    Projects, reactions, and experiments
    • Analytical projects are no longer listed in the “Edit reaction dialog > Project list”, so users cannot move chemical reactions out of Chemistry projects.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing an error when exporting an experiment with documents that include a "-" in the mnova file name.
    • When trying to clone an experiment into a project, all the available reactions are now displayed in the dropdown menu, and not only 100 reactions.
    • Edited compound names are now correctly updated in the reactions.
    • After editing a reaction participant structure, its molecular weight is properly updated in the stoichiometric table.
    • Molecule structure can now be updated (with a new mol file) and approved by a Structure Manager.
    Report and export
    • The bug with the session timer has been fixed. After exporting or reporting a project, if the user is inactive for a certain time, they are automatically logged out of the application.
    • The bug found with the reports’ footer has been fixed. Experiment reports with a signature footer are now successfully generated.
    Analytical Chemistry
    • When an Analysis Manager edits a request and adds a comment, this comment will be visible in the request “History” and not in the "Conclusions" section of the request panel.




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