What’s new in Mbook 3.0.1



Mbook 3.0.1 (minor release)

Mbook 3.0.1 has been released to bring a small set of improvements and bug fixes, so you can better enjoy your ELN experience.

  • Users and groups
    • A warning message is now displayed to group managers when deactivating a user to inform them that the user will be immediately removed from the associated groups and projects if deactivated.
    • The groups associated with a project are now displayed in the project panel. A user will only see the groups to which they specifically belong.
    • Improved the server polling frequency when uploading files. There is now a shorter time delay before an uploaded spectrum/document is available in Mbook (within 10 seconds versus 30 seconds in previous versions).
    • The export/report tasks can now be completed even if the user disconnects/logs out from Mbook.
    Stockroom and bottles
    • In the stockroom’s “location” tab, two columns have been added to indicate the owner and the groups to which a location is accessible.
    • When adding a bottle to a location, the groups that can access that location are displayed in the bottle information panel.
    • When attempting to use a bottle as a source in an experiment, if the bottle is in a location that is not accessible by any of the user's groups that are authorized to manage the current project, a warning message will be displayed.

Are you keen on finding a particular bug fix that perhaps you reported to us? This is the list with most of the bug fixes included in this version:

  • Stockroom and bottles
    • In the administrator stockroom, the safety summary is now correctly loaded for the last level locations.
    • Fixed a bug that impeded the use of bottles stored in locations added by the administrator. These bottles can now be used as sources in experiments, as per the expected behavior.
    • After changing the owner of a location in the stockroom, the previous “owner group” is added to the "Accessible to" list.
    Experiment panel
    • The text introduced in the experiment description is now saved if the user is automatically logged out of the SaaS version of Mbook.
    • Equivalent aromatic compounds are now correctly recognized when adding an aromatic participant to an experiment.
    • Documents uploaded to the “Additional” section of an experiment are kept after a screen refresh/reload.
    • Corrected a bug that was causing an error when modifying a compound structure in the Inventory/Compound DB section. Now, after modifying the structure of a compound, the changes are correctly applied to related experiments (even closed ones), and those experiments are set to "Pending Review", as per expected behavior.
    User Manual
    • The Mbook manual images have been resized for a better visualization.
    Desk section
    • Fixed a bug with the reaction pagination in the Desk section. All reactions are now correctly displayed, and sorted numerically and alphabetically, as per expected behavior.
    • The source panel is now properly loaded from the first try in Mbook Chemistry Pro.
    Analytical requests
    • The problem with structure assignment while creating an analytical request has been solved.

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