What’s new in Mbook 2.0?


What’s new in Mbook 2.0?

Mbook is Mestrelab’s Electronic Laboratory Notebook and it was designed to replace paper laboratory notebooks for synthetic chemists which can benefit from the power of Mnova analytical software. New cloud-based ELN with built-in raw analytical data support and automatic structure confirmation capabilities.

Now we are launching freshly made features on new version Mbook 2.0!

1. Integrated Marvin JS molecular editor allows:

  • Drawing of more complex structures i.e. salts, metallic complexes, solutions, supported reagents, enzymes, etc.
  • Easy copy&paste from your preferred drawing package i.e. ChemDraw
  • Automatic IUPAC nomenclature on compound’s profile


2. Implemented structure verification tool

Mbook Verify evaluates a series of elements (GSD, solvent recognition, novel similarity measure, multiplets and chemical shift predictions) and applies a scoring system to return a ‘Yes/No/I don´t know’ answer.

This makes it a very powerful screening system useful for chemists who need to validate decisions as to the structure corresponding to their experiments, either in single or batch mode.

Pre-select the expected purity (low/normal/high) and run the verification which uses the powerful Mnova Verify module in the background.

3. New beautiful interface

Besides a great new appearance, Mbook can now adjust to your screen size optimizing the available display space. Mbook has been improved with a flexible layout to adjust the program to any screen size.


4. Integrated spectral visualization tools

Visualization tools are now integrated within Mbook. Spectral zooming, going back to full view, using the pan tool and increasing or decreasing the intensity of your spectra all done from the ELN.

4. Other features:

  • Displays NMR acquisition parameters (metadata)
  • Choose your favorites experiments and mark them as ‘Relevant experiments’ for future searches.
  • Allows loading several raw spectra in a zipped file.
  • Ability to generate 'Reaction reports'
  • New online manual here

5. Try our 45-day free trial version now!






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