What’s New in Mbook 1.1


We would like to make you aware that Mbook has been automatically updated to version 1.1 for the cloud version if you wish to upgrade your current version. (for in-house installations please contact sales@mestrelab.com)

These are the new features you will find on Mbook’s new version 1.1

  • Inventory suite: A complete new integrated tool called “Inventory” allowing for the tracking of stock levels and locations, as well as triggering order levels. You can read more about this new feature below.
  • Opening more structure files: In addition to .mol files, Mbook it is now able to open structures as .cdx and .skc files.
  • Add participants with no structure:  It allows you to edit the molecular weight of participants with no structure such as solid state resins, polymers, etc.
  • Spectral metadata: It is able to display spectral metadata extracted from Mnova (experiment type, nucleus, spectral parameters, etc.).
  • Improved searching tool: It allows you to search experiments using different parameters: projects, users, structures, yield order.

A bit more about the inventory feature:

Would you like to be able to keep track of your chemicals stock and order levels as well as their location in your store room or lab? Mbook has now added a new tool under the main menu "Inventory" to help you doing this.   inventory


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