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Organic chemistry teams need to collaborate in order to be efficient and nimble. Whether it is to clone another person’s procedure for a repeated or related synthesis, or simply to collate and document activity for the record, it is essential in the modern laboratory to have an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN).

Many ELNs are generalized. For the organic chemist that inevitably can lead to trade-offs in usability and/or lack of features that are required to get their work done. Mbook Enterprise 3.0 has been specifically designed with the organic chemistry group’s needs in mind, with defined roles and responsibilities for team leaders, reviewers, and chemists. Projects can be shared between defined groups, and individuals can be members of many projects for maximum flexibility and collaboration.



Mbook Enterprise is entirely web-based, leveraging accessibility from any device with a network-connected browser. Updates are done on the server-side, so everyone will always be in sync with no installation or maintenance needed by individual chemists. Mbook servers can be hosted in-house for maximum security concerns.

At its core, Mbook’s intention is to lay out chemical reaction information as closely as a typical organic chemist might write those same experimental details down on paper. Instantly recognizable, there is no need for visual adjustment or mental retraining when creating or viewing pages, which leads to less confusion, more productivity, and more rapid browsing.



Chemical structures at the top, stoichiometry table in the middle, and the write-up at the bottom: adding new information is as simple as that and can be accomplished in seconds all on one page. To assist with chemical structure drawing, importation from all the popular packages is supported, or one can select from a supplied library of >2,500 common reagents. Mbook’s stoichiometry table is intimately linked to chemical structures, and fields are filled automatically with values such as density, molecular weight, or solution concentration taken from a database linked to the structures. New compounds, and their associated properties, can be added to Mbook’s database to make it a personalized repository.



Where Mbook completes the day-in-the-life-of an organic chemist is its unique ability to import, interact, and analyze NMR, LC/GC-MS, or IR analytical data associated with components on the Experiment page. Uploaded raw data is automatically sent to Mnova running in the background and results returned back to the page.  Mnova’s multi-vendor support and multi-technique capabilities means that the vast majority of vendor data types are covered without the need to interact with proprietary software.



For those that require an integrated virtual stockroom, then Mbook Enterprise has what is needed to track locations & stock supply levels of all your chemicals. Expiry dates can be set for perishable reagents, and virtual bottles’ contents can be updated automatically when defined as the source on any Experiment page.



In any scientific organization, such as a University Chemistry department or industrial R&D, it is common for chemical analysis to be delegated to a specialized team, or for open-access facilities to be made available to organic chemists. Administration of these services has historically been done on paper, or via some home-grown App that may no longer be supported.



Mbook Enterprise contains a complete and user-friendly platform that replaces inefficient administration systems with streamlined online analysis request & management features. Analytical specialists can set up services that chemists can request in a user-friendly web-based environment, optionally hosted on an in-house cloud server.  Spectral results and reports can be attached to the request by the analyst, its status updated and shared - no need to be co-located on the same site, or even on the same continent!



Mbook enterprise, a comprehensive Electronic Laboratory Notebook for synthetic and analytical chemistry!


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