Top highlights in Mnova 14.2.1


Mnova 14.2.1 has just been launched as a minor release version and includes a number of new features for many of our products, along with the usual bunch of bug fixes. We are also bringing some plugin updates together with six new Mnova Gears bricks. You can check them all out on our changelog page. Here though, we would like to highlight what we consider the top changes and additions for our customers.

Download Mnova 14.2.1


You can read a brief description of the top highlights for Mnova 14.2.1 we've selected, in no particular order, below:


1.  Updated product version - StereoFitter 1.1.1

This new minor version of Mnova StereoFitter includes several significant improvements. You can find out a lot more information about the product on the  Mnova StereoFitter page. In this post we'd like to highlight the following features:

  • New StereoFitter engine with a much lower memory footprint which allows the handling of large conformational ensembles
  • Ability to see/edit the input file before running StereoFitter computations
  • Improvements to the process of manual addition of NOESY/ROESY correlations
  • Handling of ROESY spectra in the Auto NOE calculations
  • Improvements to the automatic calculation of NOE distances
  • New control options in the GMMX options panel (displayed below)



2.  NMR Assignments

We have enhanced our NMR Assignments tool with these three main features:

  • Improvements to the HSQC assignments qualities
  • Better assignment of CH2 implicit protons
  • Enhanced NOESY correlations



3.  New Mnova Gears bricks - 3 x Automated Reporting tools

We are happy to be able to bring you six new Gears Automation bricks to streamline and speed up your data analysis, processing and reporting. Here you can see these three Gears bricks for your automated reporting!

Release of Gears Peak Report 1.0.0

Reads input data and automatically generates peak reports for each NMR spectrum in your preferred format!

Release of Gears Multiplet Report 1.0.0

Automatically generates multiplet reports for each NMR spectrum in your preferred format!

Release of Gears IUPAC Name 1.0.0

Innovative algorithm for the naming of molecular structures in batch mode and the generation of automatic reports!



You can find more information about all our Gears bricks at our Gears Bricks Index page.


4.    New Mnova Gears brick - MPublish

Release of Gears MPublish 1.0.0

MPublish - A seamless automated preparation of supplementary research data for publication.



5. New Mnova Gears brick - MS Scan

MS Scan processes total ion current (TIC) data and extracts mass spectra for the time ranges of your choice!



6. New Mnova Gears brick - DB Search

DB Search - An excellent solution to identifying chemical structures that have already been analyzed and saved to a database!


7. Autosave  documents -  Mnova General

A new setting was added to the 'Preferences/General/Open & Save' menu item to enable/disable the auto save of your Mnova documents, which by default will save your work every 5 minutes



8. Peak Splitting and Peak Label - Mnova MS

Among our other new MS features, we wanted to highlight these two in particular:

  • MS Peak Splitting: a new mode to mantain the original baseline while splitting chromatogram peaks
  • MS Peak Label: provides you the option to show mass peak labels that appear very near each other



9. Adding Graphs - Scripting Engine

We have developed a new feature to give you the option to add graphs to a document from scripting



Download Mnova 14.2.1

You can review our many other new and innovative features and bug fixes for all products and analysis types in our Changelog section.



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