PANIC 2012 – Poster – Reaction Monitoring for Fun and Profit

Title: Reaction Monitoring for Fun and Profit
Authors: Mike Bernstein, Santiago Dominguez, Manuel Pérez Pacheco, Carlos Cobas, and Isaac Iglesias
Date: 2012/10/16
Poster:  PANIC_2012.pdf


Using NMR to follow the course of chemical reactions is widely used because of the rich structural information obtained, and the quantitative nature of the technique. This data extraction can be challenging in some circumstances, such as cases where peaks change their chemical shift though the course of the reaction.

A strong case can be made for analysing kinetic NMR data in an integrated software environment, leading to an efficient interaction between further analysis of the extracted data whilst manipulating, viewing, and interrogating the experimental NMR spectra.

We also describe how kinetic data from NMR experiments can be used in “real time”. With automatic import into an analysis project as the data become available, this opens the door to significant opportunities. For example, this approach is relevant to at-line monitoring of chemical processes.

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