Press Release: Mestrelab Research, a leading chemical and life sciences software company, expanding its presence in China with ADG as its local operating partner.


Mestrelab Research, a leading vendor-agnostic software provider for analytical chemistry data processing, has announced a partnership with ADG to further its commitment to its customers and resellers in the Chinese market. Mestrelab Research is an agile and experienced developer of advanced software solutions and tools for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and scientific research communities to enhance the management and understanding of chemical information. The company's main product, Mnova, offers a unified, user-friendly interface for visualizing and processing NMR, mass spectrometry, and chromatography data, alongside electronic and vibrational spectroscopy spectra. Mnova efficiently handles conventional analytical data processing and provides robust data visualization and drawing capabilities. Its graphical interface is powerful, easy to operate, and delivers accurate, well-presented results. Covering a wide array of applications, including prediction, verification, and quantification, Mnova seamlessly manages data storage, retrieval, and standardization with ease.  

Mestrelab Research, headquartered in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, has a global presence with direct software sales and support capabilities in Europe, North America, Japan and India. The company also maintains close relationships with experienced distributors in countries such as China. Since its establishment in 2004, Mestrelab has grown significantly, providing best-in-class software and services to more than 3,000 pharmaceutical, chemical, and academic customers. Worldwide, Mnova user software licenses have exceeded 100,000. Mestrelab has been selling its products in China to leading academic and commercial institutions since 2008. 

In order to better serve and support users, Mestrelab Research and ADG have launched a series of initiatives to accelerate business growth in China. These include a local China official website, an official WeChat service number, a reseller and channel management program, training and support services, and piracy mitigation efforts to protect its users. The new China official website ( provides essential product information for Chinese academic institutions and corporate researchers. It also offers special purchasing channels tailored to the domestic procurement process (support for RMB payments and access to contracts, quotations, and invoices). Additionally, Mestrelab China's official website showcases numerous resources to attract and support its strong network of Chinese sales partners. 

Guy Desmarquets Senior VP and head of Global Sales & Strategic Partnership at Mestrelab Research stated: "I am very excited with the opportunity offered by our collaboration with ADG to support our users in the Chinese market. Our users will receive help and service locally, in their language and will find always a local partner. This is something unique which we could not offer remotely. We are happy to see this important new step in our Chinese market customer service starting now through ADG expertise 

Chris DeAngelis, General manager of ADG, said: "We are very excited about our new partnership with Mestrelab Research and collaborating around their suite of world class software products including Mnova. We’re looking forward to boosting their existing China success and further their existing reseller base and ecosystem." 

The collaboration with ADG will further consolidate Mestrelab's presence in the Chinese market and provide more localized services and support to Chinese users. As the Chinese market continues to grow and develop, the two sides believe that this cooperation will bring more opportunities and value to China's scientific research and pharmaceutical fields. 

 About Mestrelab: 

Mestrelab Research SL (Mestrelab) is a software company based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, specializing in analytical chemistry and laboratory information management. Mestrelab develops and markets scientific software solutions designed to facilitate knowledge extraction, integration, and automation of data processes with the aim to enhance efficiency and empower scientists with data-driven decision-making capabilities. 

About ADG Alliance: 

Founded in 2001, ADG has helped hundreds of leading technology companies from all over the world explore overseas markets and provide strategic consulting services for their target markets and help customers in the target market with local partners to successfully build hundreds of sales, licensing, distribution and other cross-border strategic cooperation. 


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