Origenis GmbH and Mestrelab Research SL announce reseller agreement


Origenis – Mestrelab Press Release, worldwide distribution

Munich, Germany – 21 October 2013 – Mestrelab and Origenis announced today that they have signed a reseller agreement under which Mestrelab will sell Origenis’ Cippix® patent database and analysis software.

Cippix® (https://cippix.com) is a powerful database system that combines state of the art chemical search and full text search and analysis techniques for over 3 billion compound references in over 7 million patent documents. Cippix® uses Origenis Chemical Content Recognition to extract all chemical substances automatically from English, German, French, and even Japanese full text. Cippix® covers all chemistry, pharma, and biotech related patents and patent applications, which are updated and added on a weekly basis right after publication by the patent offices. Cippix® can be accessed through any web browser using secure https. Cippix® features advanced chemical structure search, pharmacology-relevant compound similarity search, search for related documents, search for MedChem transformations, powerful full text and bibliographic search with keyword boosting, multicolored keyword highlighting, on-demand abstract generation, tag cloud analyses, and the automatic identification of the most relevant exemplar compounds. All these features can be combined to turn big data into useful information.

Follow this link for information on our integration with Cippix

Mestrelab is a highly recognized developer of sophisticated scientific software for life sciences. With their excellent sales platform and support capabilities, they hold a strong position in the scientific software market, particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemistry industries. Mestrelab develop and market the industry leading analytical software suite MestRe Nova® (Mnova), with users in over 100 countries.

Michael Thormann, managing director of Origenis, commented on this agreement: “We are very proud to announce this partnership. We have found a highly valued partner who does share the same excitement about scientific software and customer care from which scientists in Academia, Biotech, and Pharma will benefit.”

Santi Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab, added: “We are very excited by this agreement. The ability to make such a high quality product as Cippix® available to the scientific community through our sales and customer support channels allows us to start moving into an area of great interest to Mestrelab, scientific data, an area in which we expect to be making more announcements in the near future. This also marks the first deliverable of a collaboration with Origenis which we expect to be very fruitful in coming months and to help us significantly enhance our product offer to the life science market.”

Origenis GmbH (http://origenis.com) is a privately owned biotechnology company headquartered in the Munich Biotech Region. Origenis offers proven expertise in drug design, chemical synthesis, and biological characterization combined with its proprietary Small Molecule Drug Discovery Technology Platform. Origenis drives a novel Drug Discovery Process that creates broad and strong IP portfolios, reduces attrition rate, and finally shortens time to market. This highly integrated platform MOREsystem® and Cippix® has delivered novel development candidates for a variety of targets and medical indications.

Mestrelab Research SL (http://mestrelab.com/) is a Spanish company specialized in the development of state of the art software applications for handling of analytical chemistry data (NMR, LC/GC/MS). Mestrelab Research SL develops and commercializes Mnova (http://mestrelab.com/software/), a World leading integrated software package for processing and advanced analysis of NMR and LC/GC/MS data with multivendor support and an extensive Worldwide user base.


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