Optimization and automation of quantitative NMR data extraction

Title: Optimization and automation of quantitative NMR data extraction
Authors: Mike Bernstein, Sýkora S., Chen Peng, Agustín Barba, Carlos Cobas
Date: 12/04/2013
Reference: Anal. Chem. 2013, 85, 5778–5786.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ac400411q


NMR is routinely used to quantitate chemical species. The necessary experimental procedures to acquire quantitative data are well-known, but relatively little attention has been applied to data processing and analysis. We describe here a robust expert system that can be used to automatically choose the best signals in a sample for overall concentration determination and determine analyte concentration using all accepted methods. The algorithm is based on the complete deconvolution of the spectrum which makes it tolerant of cases where signals are very close to one another and includes robust methods for the automatic classification of NMR resonances and molecule-to-spectrum multiplets assignments. With the functionality in place and optimized, it is then a relatively simple matter to apply the same workflow to data in a fully automatic way. The procedure is desirable for both its inherent performance and applicability to NMR data acquired for very large sample sets.


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