Multiplet Label


It is really easy to customize the multiplet boxes. Double click on the spectrum display and select Properties/Multiplets to display the 'Multiplets Properties' dialog box


Once there, you can choose the color, the font and the margin of the 'Multiplet' boxes. It will be also possible to modify the information of the multiplet label, just by selecting the desired option in the drop down menu:


You can also add new labels by using the scripting feature. You will see below a script to show multiplet labels with the number of Hydrogens. You will find another example in the 'Examples/Scripts' folder of Mnova.


Save this script in a folder where Mnova can find it ('Scripts/Scripts Directories) and after having restarted the software, you will get the new entry in the 'Multiplet Label' scroll down menu of the 'Properties' dialog box. Adding the above script to the Mnova scripts directories, you will obtain your multiplet labels as you can see in the picture below:


See below, all the multiplet properties which you can include in the 'multiplet label':

String category Description:

Category; multiplet (m), singlet (s), doublet (d) , triplet (t), etc.) Number delta

Description: chemical shift String name
Description: name of the multiplet Number rangeMin Description: minimum value of the range of the multiplet Number rangeMax
Description: maximum value of the range of the multipletNumber nH Description: number of Hydrogens.

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