Molecule Editor (free with Mnova)


Mnova incorporates a basic 'Molecules Editor' which will be improved in the forthcoming versions of the software. This editor includes a powerful toolbar to draw your molecules:


 The Drawing mode will allow you to draw a Carbon on your spectral window just by clicking on any empty field. Clicking on any existing atom will add an additional carbon. If you click on a single bond, you will get a double bond (clicking on a double bond will draw a triple bond).


This mode will allow you to move an atom or a bond just by clicking&dragging. If you double click on an atom, the 'Edit Atom Data' dialog will be displayed. From here you will be able to change the atom label (from C to O, for example):


You can also change the symbol just by hovering the mouse over the atom and typing the applicable letter (this tool works only for one-letter elements such as C, P, N, O...) When you select an atom, move it over another one and release the mouse button, only the last atom will stay (except when the first selected atom is non-carbon and the second atom is carbon).

Use these buttons to draw stereobonds.

Use this button to delete an atom. This scroll down menu, will allow you to draw cycles.



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