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Mnova going mobile!

Mestrelab Research has implemented a new NMR “app” designed for hand-held and portable touch-controlled devices such as tablets, which works on both Android and iPad devices. The Mnova NMR tablet app has been designed to provide most of Mnova NMR processing functionality at high speed. The obvious advantage is the flexibility in mobility for processing, analyzing and viewing your spectra. The first thing you need to do is to download the application either from Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iPad) and search “MestReNova”, if you have not done so yet.

Mnova APP for tablet Android

Mnova APP for iPad

Installation, trial and subscriptions

The application should be fairly intuitive for existing Mnova users. Nevertheless this starting guide aims to show you a description of the main features in the different versions.

The menu bar

The menu bar contains several icons with different functionality, but let´s start with the three basic options (FILE, SHARE and HELP) which are on the top right corner:   Screenshot_2015-04-29-10-13-51d


Starting from the right hand side, you can find the File button which displays a typical "File menu" where you can open and save files as well as edit the settings.   Screenshot_2015-04-29-10-13-51h   Screenshot_2015-05-20-12-55-47b

You can open files in several ways (via Dropbox, zip file attached to an email and also via iTunes when using an iPad). Others will hopefully be implemented in the near future.


Beware that you cannot just open “fid” or “1r” files when importing Varian or Bruker raw data. In addition to the fid file, you also need the "procpar" file which contains all the necessary metadata. In the case of Bruker, in addition to the FID file, the acqu(s) files are needed. This is not a Tablet only limitation, it is the same with Mnova desktop and any other NMR processing package. Mnova tablet app also comes with a folder with some examples of spectra and a structure for you to test.

Screenshot_2015-05-26-13-37-05   Screenshot_2015-05-26-13-38-37


This button will probably save you some time, as it gives you the quickest way to get you started. It displays how to visualize or interact with your spectra. It is highly recommended to press this icon before you start learning how to use this app.   Screenshot_2015-04-29-12-59-08

A more comprehensive explanation about the help buttons is given further down in this tutorial.


You can share your data as a PDF, Mnova document or as an image just by clicking on the sharing icon.


Help buttons:

Back to the help button described above, here you can graphically see how these intuitive options work.

help buttons 001   help buttons 002

Toolbars: Free version vs full version

Free version (Limited functionality)

(Click the following link if you prefer to read directly about the full version´s functionality instead) The free version basically works as a spectral viewer. Most of the visualization tools work in the same way as per the full version. If you use the free version, it will be more interesting to load an already processed spectra so you can view it anywhere you want. Besides the viewing tools, you can also reference your spectra, measure distances or coupling constants and normalize the integrals if your spectra has previously been processed. You can see the enabled functionality for this version highlighted in green and any locked functionality in yellow. (It is represented by a lock on the restricted icons).   Screenshot_2015-04-30-13-16-52b   The following image displays the crosshair tool for the free version. i.e. “Crosshair” tool (limited functionality)   Screenshot_2015-04-30-13-39-25   If you click on any of the four locked icons of the “cross-hair” or on another locked icon from the toolbar you will get a message to remind you about the limited functionality of the free version. If at this point you prefer to purchase the full version just click “Yes” to be redirected to the Google or Apple stores as shown below.   Screenshot_2015-04-30-13-39-35   For more information click on the free version functionality tutorial

Full version

The Mnova Tablet app in its full version contains all the basic functionality as described for the free version, plus the main NMR processing and analysis functionality as listed below:

Processing options:

Phase correction, baseline correction, apodization, zero filling and linear prediction.

Analysis tools:

Peak picking, integration, multiplet analysis.


In addition to the visualization tools available for the free version, the full version adds an improved zooming option. You can read more information on the following tutorial about Mnova tablet functionality (full version).


It is worth mentioning that whilst not all the analysis capabilities of Mnova Desktop are available in the Tablet app, any document created with the latter can be displayed in the Tablet version. These limitations are adding insets of the spectrum within the main spectrum, deconvolved peaks calculated with GSD, a coupling constants tree, assigning and verifying tools. An example of these limitations is displayed in the spectra below by processing the spectra on the Mnova Desktop version beforehand.

only pre processed


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