Mnova Screen – Overview


Mnova Screen is an automatic analysis tool for fragment-based drug screening by NMR. An automation software for fast and efficient hit detection in fragment-based drug discovery campaigns using ligand detected NMR data.


  • Pattern recognition algorithms map your experimental data.
  • Considers the use of STD, wLOGSY, T1ρ, CMPG experiments.
  • Uses deconvolution to effectively pick peak, even weak signals.(data points)
  • Results viewer to quickly inspect your hits.
  • Exports metrics of your analysis into your favorite statistical package.


Furthermore, you can also request a webinar presented last June by Dr. Mitcheell Maestre-Martinez (Mestrelab Research) and Dr. Fabrice Moriaud (Bruker) demonstrating an all-around solution for Fragment-Based Screening (FBS) by linking Bruker’s automated data acquisition methods and Mestrelab’s automated data analysis software tools.

Mnova Screen Overview


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