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Updated on Jun 21 2022

Automate your analytical workflows!

Automate data processes, from databasing analytical raw data to reporting complex results, with this modular and flexible solution.

Mnova Gears is a software suite to build automation workflows for your analytical data, including NMR, MS and others. Using Mnova features and advanced plugins as the starting “bricks”, you can replicate Standard Operating Procedures or those boring, repetitive tasks we humans hate so much!

Until now our team has used Mnova Gears to create custom-tailored automated procedures in the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward hearing about your own automatizations. In this PDF you can find a few examples of where it can be beneficial, to get your ideas running:

  • Structure verification
  • Quality Control (NMR, Mass Spectrometry, etc)
  • Targeted mixtures analysis
  • Multi-technique reporting
  • Screening
  • Product ID confirmation
  • Natural Product Dereplication by NMR
  • Reaction Monitoring
  • Quantitative NMR
  • DNA Profiling
  • Protein-ligand Interaction
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