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Is the installation a complicated procedure?

Since version 7.1.2 installation of the server has been simplified and is now available for 'non-techie' users with a 'One Click Installer'. Please have a look at the 'Quick Start Guide to install Mnova DB Server'

What is the largest number of data records we ever tried, and what the performance was like then?

The largest we ever tried were dbs with ~500,000 Molecules and ~8000 Spectra. There was no measurable performance loss compared to an empty db.

Should we be concerned about performance issues?

There was no mesurable performance loss when we run our tests but Mnova includes a set of database import scripts, so anybody can just create a large database to taste and try the performance for themselves.

Can you provide us with the Oracle install scripts?

There are no Oracle-specific installation scripts - please follow the installation instructions in the MnDb manual. All the installer does is unpack the needed files to the disk. You will need an empty database and table space; plus we recommend a dedicated database user to be used by MnServer to connect to the database server. MnServer and MnServerAdmin will create tables in this table space as needed.

How do people typically store LC/MS data for plates of compounds? I noticed that there was a limit of 180MB per file and our LC/MS 96-well plate experiments typically take up ~1GB.

Our recommendation wrt to large binary data files is to store the files on a shared network location and store a pointer to the data location in the database. We do have some scripts to import data into database (see Scripts/Database in the Mnova menu). We will be very happy to develop custom scripting solutions for any functionality which is not met by the default import scripts.

We would like our department to use a single database and restrict individuals from creating their own. Is this possible?

Yes, using the PowerUser role. Currently users can (must) assume one of four roles:

  • The Administrator can do everything, including creating new databases.
  • The PowerUser can add or modify the data within a database.
  • The NormalUser can just 'read' the contents (searching or displaying data).
  • The "NoPermission" role does not allow to execute any command except login.

Where can I download the installer files?

Just follow this link


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