Mestrelab releases automation tools for LC/GC-MS workflows


Santiago de Compostela, July 13, 2022

Mestrelab Announces the Release of a Next-Generation Automation Platform with Workflows for Chromatographically Coupled Mass Spectrometry data

Mestrelab Research SL, innovators in analysis and management of complex analytical data, is announcing the release of a new set of automated solutions for chromatographically coupled MS (LC- and GC-MS) data workflows. This new line of products builds on a powerful, vendor-agnostic data automation engine, Mnova Gears, and provides end-to-end support for multiple LC/GC-MS workflows.

Automated analysis and extraction of information from analytical data is notoriously complex, taking significant time and resources to configure and deploy, usually requiring extensive professional services to successfully install, and very often causing disruption of lab operations – all of these barriers prohibit, or at least hamper, extensive use of automations in laboratories. Mnova Gears provides a paradigm shift in the automation landscape – its no-code/low-code environment enables scientists and end-users to intuitively create their own automations in moments. Mnova Gears perfectly adapts to the lab environment and enables made-to-measure automated analyses performing batch processing, real-time analysis, and even accepting orders from other processes.

Among the released off-the-shelf solutions for LC/GC-MS applications are Chrom Cal, an automated workflow for the simultaneous evaluation and generation of multiple calibration curves, and Chrom Reaction Optimization that enables organic chemists to determine the best reaction conditions for their syntheses in just a few minutes. A further six products are in the pipeline, and will provide solutions for separation/purification workflows, determination of physicochemical properties, and affinity selection mass spectrometry screenings.

"At Mestrelab, our focus has always been to improve scientist productivity in order to accelerate research, enable faster, more robust decisions, and free up scientist time for the highly complex and creative activities where most of their value is generated. When looking at the high volumes of data LC/GC/MS instruments are able to generate and at the labor-intensive and monotonous review processes, the automation of the analyses performed with these techniques represents an obvious opportunity to leverage the very flexible and adaptable Mgears automation environment to achieve our aim whilst supporting our strategy to provide solutions for all analytical techniques used in the R&D laboratory", explained Santi Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab Research

While empowering scientists to save time, eliminate errors, and extract information more efficiently by automating analyses, our automated solutions simultaneously satisfy the expectations of IT teams, providing an architecture that is fully integrable with other systems and services. Communication with Mnova Gears is easily configured via Rest API, and Mnova Gears allows for the push and pull of data in multiple formats, from multiple locations. Mnova Gears can also be wrapped into a web layer to become a fully-fledged web service that is integrable with other web services.

Gary Sharman, CSO of Mestrelab Research says: "Mnova Gears is a powerful yet easy-to-use automation engine that scales well from automating single sample analyses to processing very large numbers of samples in the cloud. It is equally at home with NMR or LCMS data, but the release of these products and the development of others like it for LCMS reflect the fact that there is a large unmet need for simple yet effective automations in this area, which can be configured by technique experts, not IT experts."

Releasing these automation solutions represents a significant step towards democratizing access to complex and high-throughput applications by putting the right and necessary tools directly into the hands of scientists. Having these solutions hosted on a no-code platform creates a suitable environment for both scientists and IT teams to join forces and successfully integrate automated processes into the overall lab informatics and assets architecture.


About Mestrelab Research S.L.

Mestrelab Research SL (Mestrelab) is an informatics company that develops and commercializes scientific software solutions for analytical chemistry and Laboratory Informatics in support of research, development, and manufacturing. Mestrelab’s solutions are used globally in the biopharmaceutical, chemicals, agrochemicals, food and beverages, and other industries, academic institutions, and government organizations. The offer also includes integration with existing informatics systems and analytical laboratory automated workflows at the enterprise level. Mestrelab has initially developed highly innovative solutions for analytical chemistry and, more particularly, for NMR and LC/GC-MS, and for almost a decade has remained the most widely used NMR processing solution.

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Santiago de Compostela, July 13, 2022


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