MestreCast Episode 2 – Automation Stories


Episode 2

Automation Stories

Dive into the world of practical automation in our second MestreCast episode, “Automation Stories” This time, our host Santi Dominguez engages with Dr. Gary Sharman, Senior Scientific Director at Mestrelab Research, who shares an intriguing journey from facing the monotonous task of comparing carbon spectra in his first role to self-learning programming to create automated solutions, embodying the adage, “A lazy person will find an easy way to do it!”

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MestreCast - Episode 2 - Automation stories


Episode markers:

00:00:00  Intro

00:01:00  How did you become interested in automation?

00:04:20  Were you a programmer or an automation engineer before?

00:06:15  Which processes are most suitable for automation?

00:08:00  How many automation projects have you participated in?

00:09:15  Do you have any top tips for a successful automation project?

00:13:55  What are some common issues that can arise during automation projects?

00:20:10  Are there any processes that should not be automated?

00:22:00  What is your proudest achievement in automation?

00:26:30  How do you see AI impacting automation?

00:30:40  Should analytical chemists be concerned about job security due to automation?

00:32:30  Which features of our products do you find most beneficial for automation?


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