MestreCast Episode 1- The Rise of the Robots


Episode 1

The Rise of the Robots

Join our debut MestreCast episode, “The Rise of the Robots”! Hosted by Santi Dominguez, CEO at Mestrelab Research, and featuring guest Dr. Niccy Tonge, Strategic Account Director (Mestrelab Research), we explore the impact of robotics and automation on daily life. From customer support to industrial processes, automation’s presence is evident. The chemistry realm, notably in synthesis and drug discovery, undergoes a significant shift. We highlight Mnova Gears, a no-code automation engine empowering efficient data processing.

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Episode markers:


00:00:00  Intro

00:01:50  Are robots impacting our daily lives?

00:03:30  Automation in chemistry

00:06:45  Automation in analytical chemistry data

00:11:00  What is Mgears?

00:15:20  How does automation help make data an asset?

00:22:10 What does a no-code automation engine mean?

00:25:15  Are automated processes replacing scientists?


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