Introducing the Mnova Purification Suite: your solution for streamlined chromatography purifications!


We are excited to introduce our Mnova Purification Suite, meticulously crafted to offer flexible, modular solutions that address the critical aspects of chromatographic purification. Our suite comprises three modules, each tailored to cater to distinct purification needs:

Optimizing Separation Conditions with Chrom Best Method:

Discover the optimal separation conditions for your compound through automated LC-MS data processing, method scoring, and report generation. This streamlines method development, allowing you to pinpoint the most suitable conditions for your compounds, thus minimizing trial-and-error iterations. Learn more!

Fraction Pooling Decision Support with Fraction Analysis:

Quickly decide whether to pool collected fractions by automating the analysis, peak matching, purity calculation, and automated result reporting. Make informed decisions about fraction pooling to maximize compound yield and purity, ultimately accelerating your purification process. Learn more!

Quality Control Checks with Chrom QC:

Confirm your analyte's identity and assess its purity with molecule match score, percentage purity, and concentration assessment. Streamline lot and batch release programs through automated data processing, analysis, and report generation, facilitating enhanced lab productivity. Learn more!

Whether you choose to implement these modules individually or seamlessly integrate them into an enterprise solution is entirely your prerogative. Flexibility is at the core of our philosophy, and we strive to ensure that our solutions align with your evolving needs.

Like all our Mnova solutions, the Purification Suite is compatible with various lab systems regardless of the vendor, ensuring seamless integration and facilitating unified software platform data handling. Each module offers a suite of fully configurable settings that can be customized to align with your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and preferences, thereby enhancing adaptability and efficiency. Furthermore, these solutions offer advanced reporting and visualization dashboards, providing an interactive interface for reviewing results. You can utilize controls and flags to identify samples requiring review, enabling you to focus on exceptions and recalculate results as necessary. And since we acknowledge that human insight is irreplaceable, should any adjustments be necessary, you have the freedom to manually override results.

If you're eager to explore our purification data workflows and automation solutions further, or if you have specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach us out! We are here to assist you every step of the way.



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