Introducing Mnova Hub: Your ultimate companion for streamlined data access and exploration within Mnova


In the world of spectral data, the struggle to access and manage diverse datasets across various platforms is real. That's why we've developed Mnova Hub, a unified data browser designed to connect Mnova seamlessly to various data providers. Mnova Hub empowers you to retrieve, modify, and store data effortlessly from within Mnova, without the need to download and/or open each dataset individually.

Key Highlights:

  • Seamless Data Handling: Connect Mnova to various data sources, including SQL databases, Topspin, ZONTAL Space, Mnova DBs*, and file systems*, ensuring a hassle-free experience in handling extensive datasets.
  • Cloud Integration: Experience a streamlined gateway to secure cloud-based data directly from Mnova.
  • Configurable Search: Enjoy configurable searches with filters by metadata, enhancing precision in data retrieval.
  • Data Preview and Access: Navigate your datasets seamlessly through a unified, centralized data browser. Preview and open them with just a few simple clicks.

*Available for free for Mnova and Mnova DB users.

Upgrade your Mnova experience today by integrating Mnova Hub into your workflow. Enjoy seamless data exploration.

For more information or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us

Download Mnova 15.0.1 


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