Full automation solutions within Mnova


Compound pre-registration gate:

Mnova software allows you multiple types of automation tools to process, analyze, report and store your analytical data. As shown in the figure below, your analytical data can follow an automated workflow including  processing, analysis, assignments, verification and quantitation by using Mnova NMR, Mnova MS (if required) and Mnova Verify.

Automated reporting can be added to your preferred Electronic Lab Notebook (or Mestrelab´s Mbook) and finally registered into your corporate DataBase, closing a compound pre-registration automated process     imagen2Mestrelab´s  Database plugin (Mnova DB) fits well in this registration step. It can be used as one roof to deposit all chemical data, with a flexible architecture. It also combines NMR/LC/GC/MS/UV-Vis/IR/Raman files and metadata and enables data mining. automation 003

What if we could also drive acquisition depending on the results? (IARS)

An example case of an in-house automation solutions is  I.A.R.S  (Integrated Analytical Request System) a sophisticated, fully integrated software environment capable to interact with any system. It works online waiting for instructions from your server and communicating through command files. This communication is bidirectional (Mnova with server). automation   Upon results, Mnova can instruct a particular sample to go back for further analysis if results do not meet a specified criteria. It can execute different predefined workflows (prediction, verification with or without quantitation, etc.). Then a notification email is sent with a fully automated and customized data report of your analytical data as shown in the figure below:



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