Getting picky with qNMR


John Gauvin, Assistant NMR Scientist  at DSM, Netherlands, gave a free webinar about a statistical comparison made on several quantification techniques using Mnova NMR software.

About John Gauvin

profiel zw   After achieving his Master's degree in Organic Chemistry at Leiden University (Netherlands), John worked in water quality control for 2 years. Then he moved to DSM where he has been an assistant NMR scientist for the past 5 years. His current role is quantification of multiple components in mixture sample in the Biotech environment.


NMR is well known and heavily used for structural assignments, but in recent decades the interest in quantitative NMR has made great advancements, spreading beyond 1D proton and 2D HSQC quantitation techniques. In this presentation the basics of quantitation in 1H NMR is highlighted, with special focus on the versatile integration techniques that Mnova offers. A statistical comparison of sum, peaks, edited sum and line fitting methods is made with some obvious as well as less obvious results.   fitting methods 2


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