Mnova Tablet: Functionality of the free version


The free version basically works as a spectral viewer. Most of the visualization tools work in the same way as the full version. If you use the free version, it will be more interesting to load an already processed spectra so you can view it anywhere. Besides the viewing tools, you can also reference your spectra, measure distances or coupling constants and normalize the integrals.

Enabled functionality

You can see all the enabled functionality for the free version highlighted in green and the locked functionality highlighted in yellow. (It is represented by a locked icon on the restricted functionality).


The following image displays the cross-hair tool for the free version. “Cross-hair” tool (limited functionality) .Screenshot_2015-05-06-11-39-09

If you click on any of the locked options,  you will get a message to remind you about the limited functionality of the free version. At this point, if you prefer to purchase the full version just click “Yes” to be redirected to the Google or Apple stores.

 Referencing the spectra:

Select the cross-hair and place the cursor on the desired peak.


Then you can change the reference chemical shift by typing the desired value.


Normalizing integral values:

Tap on the integral value or multiplet box and change its value.


Measuring distances:

Place the cursor on the desired place and double click to obtain the second cursor to measure distances.   Screenshot_2015-05-08-11-18-21   Screenshot_2015-05-08-11-19-00

 Fit to highest intensity

Select the icon highlighted in green on the left hand side of the toolbar to increase the intensity to the maximum of the screen.   Screenshot_2015-05-20-11-29-17

 Full spectrum

Select the tool highlighted in green below to obtain the full spectrum again.


Item properties

Select what you prefer to display on your spectrum as displayed in the picture below:


You can increase/decrease the font size on the axis text and peak labels in a very quick way using the following buttons:


  Page viewer:

As in Mnova desktop there is a page navigator on the right hand side of the screen where you can upload multiple spectra.

You can remove any of the spectra simply by swiping the slide either to the left or to the right (the bin icon will appear underneath).


Navigation page

You just need to swipe the red rectangle to show/hide the page navigator highligthed below.


You can have a look at the full functionality version here.


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