Bruker and Mestrelab Announce Strategic Collaboration and Partnership for Chemistry and Pharma Software Applications


Santiago de Compostela, Dec. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/-- Bruker Corporation ( and Mestrelab Research S.L. today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to advance chemistry software that handles spectroscopic data and extracts and manages chemical information from a variety of analytical techniques, including for example NMR and mass spectrometry.

Together the companies will focus on pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and other industrial applications, as well as on academic, and selected applied and clinical research markets. Bruker and Mestrelab intend to collaborate closely on the further development and commercialization of chemical knowledge extraction and management software tools, as well as on various novel and advanced workflow solutions, e.g. for medicinal chemistry, organic molecule structure elucidation, industrial applications of analytical chemistry techniques, etc.

As part of this new strategic collaboration, Bruker has become a majority shareholder of Mestrelab, and will be represented on Mestrelab's board of directors. Mestrelab will continue to be managed by its founders and previous senior management team, and it will continue to provide vendor-agnostic software solutions. Financial details of the strategic collaboration were not disclosed.

Mestrelab is based in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, with direct scientific software sales and support capabilities throughout Europe and North America, and with experienced software distributors in Japan, China and many other countries. Mestrelab was founded in 2004, and today has approximately 40 employees developing software for over 3,000 pharmaceutical, chemical industry and academic customers, with more than 100,000 user software licenses deployed worldwide. Mestrelab is an agile and experienced developer of advanced software solutions and tools for the pharmaceutical, analytical and scientific research community to enhance the management and understanding of chemistry information.

Mestrelab Mnova NMR user interface

The new strategic partnership supports a closer integration of a wide range of analytical instrumentation and systems with data post-processing, information extraction, as well as data and chemistry knowledge management software. This will deliver higher research productivity and better answers to end users, with applications in a wide range of fields, from pharmaceutical, biotech and chemistry R&D, to manufacturing and supply chain quality control, as well as applied markets.

Mr. Santi Dominguez, CEO of Mestrelab , commented: "We are very excited to be able to join forces with a world-leading scientific instruments company, so that both teams can focus on delivering where their efforts can be most beneficial for the pharma and chemistry community. Comprehensive analytical data measurement, automated evaluation and fast delivery of results show great potential to improve processes and outcomes, and apply new techniques for data sharing, data processing and analysis, automation, big data building, machine and deep learning techniques."

Dr. Falko Busse, President of Bruker BioSpin Group, stated: "This new strategic collaboration and investment aligns the natural synergies between our two companies to deliver more comprehensive capabilities and future novel workflow solutions to our customers. Integrating the well-established software of Mestrelab with Bruker's existing NMR systems and solutions allows us to further develop end-to-end solutions for customers in pharmaceutical, industrial and applied market segments, as well as in our core academic markets."

Bruker and Mestrelab will develop and deliver fully integrated solutions to specific pharma, chemical and applied markets problems, and will aim for seamless integration of data acquisition and post-processing, chemical information extraction and knowledge management in order to optimize productivity and to provide better answers.

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Santiago de Compostela (December 13, 2018) - Press release


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