SMASH 2014 – Poster – A Complete Wine Analysis Using Multiplets Detection



Title: A Complete Wine Analysis Using Multiplets Detection
Authors: Dr Michael Bernstein, Agustín Barba, Dr Susanne Klein, Dr Andrea Dreiseitel, Daniel Heidger, and Volker Heidger.
Date: 2014/09/07
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Reference: SMASH 2014, Atlanta, USA. 7-9 September 2014


A poster created by Dr. Michael Bernstein in collaboration with the Institut-Heidger, Germany


The correct and complete analysis of grape and wine metabolites is fundamental to product quality control and managed processes. qNMR has been shown to have huge benefit for foods analysis. In a related example, Peregrina and co-workers discussed its application to Rioja wine analysis [1], and the subject was reviewed by Hong [2]. We have designed and validated an NMR analysis of wine components using only signature peaks and multiplets. This software has general application, and is called Simple Mixture Analysis (SMA). [2, 3] Here we demonstrate the program features that make this analysis possible and show results for a wine analysis. Quantification results were validated through certified compound additions. We use the program features that provide an enhanced, customized capability together with semi-automated work flow. These allow the trained user to quickly achieve an analysis that is checked and correct. Finally, analysis results are exported and imported to a corporate database.

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