What’s new in Mnova 8.1.4

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Tecmag file not processed correctly
    • Assignment labels of 2D cross peaks do not get printed when printing the document
    • A NMR file in JCAMP-DX format can not be loaded correctly in Mnova
    • Mnova’s peaks table does did not get updated by function update of the object document
    • Problems when making line fitting or manual phase correction (Mac)
    • Cuts were not working properly with stacked spectra
    • NMRProcessing.getParameter/setParameter Arguments for Apodization (WF) – missing that for Sine2 II
    • Wrong integrals of multiplets created by scripting
    • Mnova quited unexpectedly when opening the application (Mac) with advanced plugins
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Error when adding molecules with J(H-P) and J(H-F) to the 1H Prediction DB
    • Update C-13 Prediction DB showed wrong chemical shifts
    • Blank new page when modifying graphically a predicted spectrum from Predict&Compare
    • NMR prediction showed the predicted spectrum in a new page

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