What’s New in Mnova 8.1.1

  • New Features

    Capability to update gamma value of a DOSY spectrum depending on the detected nucleus

    Bugs Fixed

    • Withewashed view looked wrong in 2D spectra
    • Peaks integrated using Peaks method did not get deleted
    • Problem copy/pasting a spectrum from Mnova to MS Word as OLE
    • Wrong order on assignments reported by Assignments script
    • Problems opening a document with deleted molecules and with the compounds table linked to the Page Navigator.
  • Bugs Fixed

    • MS files not released after fetching full dataset and closing the document
    • Bruker Compass not detected when installing Mnova
    • Shimadzu software not detected when installing Mnova
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Drawing Tools not included when updating to Mnova-8.1.0 using msi installer
    • Problems replacing old licenses by new ones

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