What’s new in Mnova 8.1.0 and release of Mnova qNMR

  • New Features

    New Purity Calculator script

    This method is still heavily used in some Development labs as a final check of compound purity. Just load the spectrum and follow the menu ‘Scripts/NMR Tools/Purity Calculator’ in order to fill in the sample details and choose the reference compound with the applicable molecular mass of the internal reference and its purity. Finally follow the instructions on screen to get your average purity result:

    Spectrum parameters to show “Probe” by default

    Bugs Fixed

    • Nucleus and Spectral Width in f1 incorrectly detected from a 1H31P HMBC from Varian
    • Additional empty page obtained when exporting to pdf selected pages
    • Stacked spectra exported as ASCII showed different results in 8.0 and 7.1.2 versions
    • Problems reporting the whole Peaks table after making a report of selected rows
    • Problems saving a spectrum (with horizontal units different with ppm) as Script: ASCII Matrix(*.txt)
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Problems running Mnova Database with floating licenses
  • New Features

    • Menu placement cleanup (“Blind regions” moved to the ‘View menu’, Verification moved to the ‘Analysis’, “Annotate” under the ‘Edit’ menu)
    • The default layout of the toolbars was sorted out
    • Warning message appears when Mnova finds duplicated script files

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