What’s new in Mnova 7.0.3

  • Bugs Fixed

    • Wrong correlations given by the report assignment script
    • Multiple crosshair problem when more than one 2D spectrum was selected
    • Problems synthesizing a spectrum with spin simulation when the spectrum range was set in reverse order
    • The Assign Dialog showed wrong data in case of one H atom already assigned.
    • Assignments of a molecule get propagated to another spectrum with a different molecule
    • Wrong calculation of chemical shift of a multiplet after having selected the ‘middle’ option
    • Changed numbers of atoms are also used in multiplet table
    • Problems with some HSQC in JCAMP format which were out of reference in F2
    • Not possible to recalculate a simulated spectrum from Spin Simulation
    • NMR spectra processed with old Mnova Lite showed curves of deconvoluted peaks
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Wrong display of assignment labels after running Predict & Compare
  • New Features

    • Capability to show/hide the highlighted Elemental Composition results
    • Normalize intensities of predicted and observed peaks for Elemental Composition
    • New script to export the TIC retention times and integral values as ASCII

    Bugs Fixed

    • Problems with Molecular Match from formula
    • Problems highlighting results of MolMatch for non-matched molecules
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Peak search is possible even when no PP is done
    • Sinchronize visible peaks with peaks used in a Peak search
    • Zooming did not work to drive searching in MS

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