60 MHz NMR measurements of adulterated dietary supplements and illegal drugs


"Dr. Anna Gerdova, Applications Scientist at Oxford Instruments gave a webinar explaining how to control adulterated dietary supplements and illegal drugs using a 60MHz NMR.

Illegal generic drugs and adulterated dietary supplements impose a great risk to the consumer's health as well as impacts pharmaceutical industries. A low-cost, rapid and effective way to distinguish counterfeits from the genuine products before these reach consumer markets is required. In this webinar Anna will show the potential of a bench-top 60MHz NMR spectrometer to study sexual enhancement and weight loss dietary supplements as well as generic erectile dysfunction treatment drugs. We demonstrate that the adulterants can readily be detected and in some cases identified. Quantification by the internal standard method performed on the low-field NMR spectrometer leads to results similar to those obtained with highfield 500MHz NMR."


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