What’s New in Mnova 5.2.5

  • Mnova NMR

    New Features:

    • Phase correction parameters for Varian 1D spectra are now imported
    • New explanatory column in the Parameters template customization
    • Coupling constants values listed from large to small by default in the multiplet reporter script

    Bugs Fixed:

    • Problems with the Phase Correction in the processing template
    • Problems opening some COSY spectra from Bruker DMX-600
    • Problems opening some JEOL spectra in stacked mode
    • Problems phasing some Varian 13C spectra
    • It is now possible to save the spectra in Hz as ASCII files
    • And many more
  • New Features

    • Ability to call any GUI action in scripting

    The new scripting feature in Mnova provides the capability to call any graphical user interface action. You will find in the manual all the GUI actions available for this script.

    • Ability to open spectra with .mol files

    It is possible to open spectra with molecules by using the openSpecWithMols.qs example script from the command line by typing: MestReNova paths openSpecWithMols, Spectrum path. For example: “C:Program FilesMestrelab Research S.LMestReNovaMestReNova.exe” -sf openSpecWithMols,”C:H id”

    • To be able to include any feature as an icon into the toolbar

    The user will be able to include any feature into the toolbar, even those features which do not have any icon.

    • Other new scripting capabilities

    The new availability of scripting in Mnova provides opportunities and benefits both for skilled NMR and casual, non-expect users. The new update includes new objects (atom, bond, molecule, etc) It is also possible to save the spectrum as .txt file with Intensity Vs. Frequency by using a new script.


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