What’s New in Mnova 5.2.4

  • Bugs fixed:

    • Problems with the phase correction and apodization in some JCAMP spectra
    • Importing 2D EXSY spectra of 129Xe
    • Problems with the axis of some Bruker TOCSY experiments
    • Problems with the Arithmetic feature are now resolved
    • Problems opening some JCAMP spectra
    • Problems opening 2D EXSY of Xe
    • Problems with the f1 scale of some 2D-TOCSY
    • Showing Deuterium atoms in the molecular structures
    • Problems opening a Bruker spectrum with a LB = -1
    • Problems applying panning to several spectra at the same time
  • Bugs fixed:

    • Problems with the Jmin value in NMRPredict Desktop
  • New Features:

    • New scriptable objects (Process Test, Dir, File and Text Stream)

    The new availability of scripting in Mnova provides opportunities and benefits both for skilled NMR and casual, non-expect users.The new update includes new objects (Process Test, Dir, File and Text Stream).

    • Ability tp add user directrories for scripts

    It is now possible to add any desired (or remove any undesired) folder as a ‘Script Directory’ by following the menu ‘Scripts/Scripts Directories’.

    Bugs fixed:

    • Moving handle for arrows

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