What’s new in Mnova 5.2.1

  • New features:

    • Double crosshairs for COSY-like experiments

    If you are working with homonuclear spectra, you will obtain the double crosshair feature just by pressing the ‘Shift’ key in the crosshair mode.

    • Importing parameters from the ‘parm.txt’ file

    It is possible to import all the parameters present in the parm.txt file (Bruker) to the parameters table.

    • New LP algorithms
    • Ability to import Bruker integration ranges
  • New features:

    • Toolbars and Context Menu Customization

    You will be easily able to fully customize the toolbars and the context menus.

    • Ability to select what to export to PDF

    It is now possible to export to PDF, one page, several pages or the whole document.

    • Toggle Full View window

    This new feature is very useful for a ‘Superfast Panning’ just by using the F2 key.

    Bugs Fixed (all plugins):

    • Problems phasing reversed NMR spectra
    • Problems saving Mnova documents with special characters
    • Getting the apodization function on the Full View
    • Problems opening Bruker spectra with the parameter file lines separated
    • Problems with the f1 width value in some 2D-NMR spectra
    • Copying the title with special characters from the Parameters Table
    • Phasing some experiments with a big value of PH1
    • Problems with the horizontal scale in some Tecmag spectra
    • Bernstein baseline correction from the 1r file
    • Opening some old mrc files
    • Problems applying commands to several spectra at the same time
    • Displaying some (H-N)HSQC Varian data
    • Inserting traces into 2D-NMR spectra with a very large title
    • Problems processing Bruckers gradient HMBC spectra
    • Some problems with the predictions of obtusallenes

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