What’s New in Mnova 10.0.1

  • New Features

    Ability to choose if assignments are recalculated after applying absolute reference

    You can choose to Update the Assignments when applying Absolute Reference by checking the applicable option:


    Purity calculation in Peaks Table

    Purity can be displayed in Peaks table by selecting the checkbox "Show Purity Label" in Setup Table (disabled by default):


    Bugs Fixed

    • Multiplet reports of 13C spectra showed an extra
    • Spectra from Siemens not opened correctly via import script
    • 15N HMBC NUS spectrum not detected as NUS
    • Peak curves got hidden after reloading the document
    • Compound peak classified as impurity in a 1H spectrum from the validation set
    • Problems with the peak picking of HSQC spectra
    • Assignment labels got hidden after changing the structure of an assigned molecule
    • Assigned multiplet labels were not properly updated
    • Swap assignments did not work in 1H dimension of HSQC spectra
    • Cannot display assignments of two structures simultaneously after a few clicks
    • Processing templates from Recent Processing Scripts did not get executed
    • Manual Threshold Peak Picking worked only sometimes
    • Threshold not applied when making a manual multiplet analysis
    • Wrong highlighting after assigning
    • Processing template ignored.
    • Problems unchecking all spectra in Absolute Reference dialog
    • 89Y showed disabled when applying Absolute Reference
    • Importing assignments correctly from ACDLabs' SDFile
    • Problems clicking with the zoom tool on top of a multiplet report
    • Zoom shortcut did not get activated while in Crosshair mode
    • Wrong assignment dialog when assigning a NH2
    • Two txt files with same format get loaded differently
    • Assignments Table: Wrong data in Predicted Shift column
    • Intensity values shown in cursor info are not correct
    • Different results in peak classification by running Peak Picking with Interactive mode ON or OFF
    • Difficult to enter a new numerical value in Arrayed Data table
    • Problems showing assignments of a molecule in 13C spectra
    • Binning of the same spectra gave very different results when including/excluding ref peaks
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Assignments were not obtained the first time Verification was done
  • Bugs Fixed

    • MS parameters from Agilent and Waters could not be loaded in Parameters table
  • Bugs Fixed

    • Text annotations showed smaller (Mac version)
    • Licenses with special characters could not be activated (Mac version)
    • Preferences dialog too big (Mac version)
    • Banner didn't go away when starting Mnova (Mac version)
    • Crosshair line showed too thin (Mac version)
    • Some shortcuts did not work (Mac version)
    • Problems trying to rescale several annotations at once
    • Show Cursor Info panel docked by default
    • ACDLabs JCAMP files with assignments not imported
    • Atom number got hidden after being modified from Edit Atom dialog

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