How to install Mnova DB Server


On this page you will find information about the requirements for the installation of the Mnova DB Server as well as links to the installation files for the Mnova DB server and client packages.

Mnova DB Server installation guide and requirements

Mnova DB Server and Client Installation files

To get Mnova DB installed just head to our download page and make sure you first install the latest Mnova version as usual; and then you go to the right sidebar and select the Mnova DB Server version you need.

  • Mnova MyData is not license protected, runs only on SQLite, and accepts only Mnova connections from the local computer.
  • Mnova DB Group server is license protected, runs only on SQLite, and accepts connections from anywhere.
  • Mnova DB Enterprise is license protected, runs on any DB backend and accept connections from anywhere.

Free evaluation

In order to do a quick evalution of the software we recommend you that you select Mnova MyData as the server side installer. If you want to evaluate any of the other server options just contact us


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