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Mnova provides the ability to copy&paste spectra, tables, etc. into other applications (e.g. MS Office apps) via the clipboard. Just be sure that you have highlighted the desired objects (Edit/Select All, if you want to select all the objects) and then follow the menu ‘Edit/Copy’ or alternatively use the shortcut ‘Ctrl+C’ (or ‘?+C’ in Mac). You can also select the page on the page navigator and do Ctrl+C to copy to clipboard all the contents of the page.


Next, open the document (PowerPoint in this case) where you want to paste the spectrum and follow the menu Edit/Paste or alternatively use the shortcut, Ctrl+V (or ?+V in Mac).


Mnova will copy to the clipboard, by default, the object as a metafile. This object will have OLE properties in Windows, so the user will be able to work with the copied spectrum in the document just by double clicking on it (Mnova will automatically open due to the Object Linking and Embedding technique; OLE). Please bear in mind that the size of this ‘image’ will be bigger than a regular image, because you are storing the FID to allow Mnova to reprocess the NMR spectrum in the future if it is needed. However, the user can change this default by following the menu ‘Edit/Paste Special’ before pasting (in the corresponding document; PowerPoint in this case). It will open the ‘Paste Special’ dialog box where the user will be able to select between Mnova Document (by default), Enhanced Windows Metafile, Bitmap, etc.


The user can also copy the spectra just as an image (very useful for large datasets) by following the menu ‘Edit/Copy Special/Copy as an image’. This will reduce the file size of the document but the image will not contain OLE properties.


From the ‘Drawing Tools Preferences’, you will be able to select the exporting ‘Resolution’ and ‘Quality’ of the graphics and also the resolution of the image copying:


The user can also save the spectrum by following the menu ‘File/Save as’ and then ‘paste it’ in the corresponding document by selecting ‘Insert/Picture’.Mnova allows the user to save the data in Mnova (*.Mnova) or MestRe-C (*.mrc) formats as well as in:

  • ASCII text (*.txt)
  • Adobe PDF
  • Bitmap (bmp)
  • Enhanced metafile (emf)
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PostScript
  • SVG
  • TIFF
  • XBM
  • XPM
  • Etc.



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