Installers for advanced plugins – Mnova 12 onwards


(Updated on November 2021)

From Mnova 12 you will no longer need to download the installers required for some of the advanced plugins (installers that were not included within Mnova program in the past). It will be all done automatically from Mnova 12.

As soon as you load a purchased license (or a trial one) for some of the advanced Mnova plugins, they will be automatically installed for you. You will just need to re-open Mnova again to activate them.

This is the current list of advanced plugins included in Mnova:

Any of the installed plugins will appear under the menu tabs for the modern (ribbon) display as shown below:

- qNMR, SMA will appear under Quantitation.

- Reaction Monitoring and Screen will appear under Tools.

- MBioHOS plugin will appear under the Chemometrics ribbon.

- Other advanced plugins (such as Batch Verify, Batch qNMR, QC Profilling, MPublish, Multiplet Report, Peak Report, IUPAC Name Automation, MS Scan, DB Search, etc.) will work as Mgears bricks and can be found under the ‘Tools/Mgears/Plugins’ menu:

What happens if you already have some advanced plugins installed from previous versions and you want to update them in Mnova 14?

You can see below an example with some advanced plugins that are not up to date:

In this case you just need to go to ‘Advanced plugins/Updates’, check the boxes for the relevant advanced plugins you would like to update and click on the ‘Update’ button.

  • Classic view: 'Edit/Advanced Plugins'
  • New modern (ribbon) view: 'File/Advanced Plugins'

Once this is done next time you open Mnova, plugins will be automatically updated.


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